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Enon Baptist Church

Our Core Beliefs


Who is God?

God, the Father, is the all-powerful, ever-present, Creator of the universe.  

He is love, and the source of all love.


Who are We?

We are created by God, in His image, to have fellowship with Him and to be stewards of His creation.   God gives us the gift of free will.  But we sometimes use that gift of free will to sin--to act in opposition to God.  


How Did God Respond to Our Sin?

God the Father, because of his great love for us, came to us in human form as the Son, Jesus, to dwell among humans and teach us how to live.   Jesus, the Christ, gave his life on the cross, taking on the penalty of humanity’s sins to offer us eternal life with God.


How Do We Know?

The Bible is a book from God that tells us about the creation of the world and people. 

 It tells of the fall of humans into sin, and of the opportunity for our redemption through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  Through the scriptures, we also know about God as the Holy Spirit, who dwells within believers, guiding us as we seek God’s will.